Favoreto Team is a Brazilian Muay Thai team stablished in 2009. Its owner and master, Mauro, was looking to rebrand his old logo, but didn’t have a concept in mind.

Sketch 1

At the first stage, we only discussed elements and composition through rough line drawings. The goal was to define a concept to follow.

Mauro evidences a taste for skulls with his related tattoos. From that information, I created a sketch featuring a skull with a mongkol. Mongkol is a very traditional type of headgear worn by thai athletes before their fights, so these elements together have a strong groundwork.
The ”Favoreto Team” typography was inspired by glove designs of top Thailand brands, while the “Muay Thai School” typography relates to Thai script.
Finally, the ornaments were based on Lai Thai Art, an ancient decorative pattern style.

Sketch 2

Rooster is one of the creatures of the Himmapan Forest, from the Thai Mithology. Being a very dynamic animal, it’s also a great design element.
As a second sketch option, I drew two rooster fighting. This concept incorporates both the Thailand culture and the combative aspect of Favoreto Team.
Typography followed the same references of the first sketch, but with a different composition.


Mauro chose the skull sketch to proceed with. We moved to the Rendering stage, to work on details, shapes and colors.

I studied the contrast between shadows and lights in Photoshop, aiming a bold look.

Final shapes were created in Illustrator and Mauro approved the rendering approach.

I provided 2 more color combinations. Generally, I suggest to my clients to stick with only 1 combination, with up to 3 colors. A limited palette helps to create a visual identity and, therefore, makes the brand stronger.


Mauro chose the first combination, black and white. I provided print-ready vector Illustrator files, .jpg and .png samples.